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Somewhere in a hidden place, there are these unknown beings. They are so beautiful that humans bothered them too much so they decided to hide themselves. They hid in this beautiful place secured by beautiful but hurting roses with clean and clear water. They bath themselves as the water emphasizes their white and pale skin and silverly glowing hair. Their favorite food is the jam made of green roses. The roses, especially the good ones, are so rare that they only get to eat the jam once a week. They shared the jam according to the amount they each could stay happy. Their life was calm and happy. Truly, they were happy.

And Dodo was born.

Dodo had black skin and curly hair in red, pink, yellow, green and maybe a little bit of orange. Everyone was quite shocked and came to see Dodo. Little Dodo was confused because Dodo didn't understand why so many are gathered around for him. Dodo thought, "They must be jealous of my orange hair."

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